Getting Started

Below, first time users will find a basic checklist to get up and running with Hithub quickly.

  1. Register a user login, then login.
  2. Create an account. Select a plan that meets your needs best, based on number of sensors and alarms, and alarm run frequency (how often Hithub will check events sent to see if an alarm should be triggered).
  3. Now you will see the account you just created in your list, select View to work in that account
  4. Go to the Sensor tab, and create some sensor(s). A sensor represents a network device that you want to send events from.
  5. Configure your network device to call the URL provided for it when some activity occurs. URLs for each sensor are shown in the Sensor list. See more information on configuring sensors here.
  6. Create a Sensor Group (under Sensor tab). Sensor groups are used just for visualization purposes in Hithub. Once your sensor group is created, you can go to the Visual tab and confirm that your device is sending events.
  7. Create an alarm to observe sensor events and trigger an alert when certain conditions are met. See more information on configuring an alarm here.
  8. Once you have an alarm setup and active, you will see a Next Run Time for each alarm in the Alarm List. The alarm will be checked within a minute of that time. You can see a history of the times your alarm has been checked and the number of events found for each sensor in the Alarm Log under the Alarm tab.

That's all there is to it.

Remember, you can also add additional users to your account too - do that from the main Accounts page. You can also configure your events and/or alerts to post in a Google Analytics property. Look for Analytics in the dropdown menu on the Accounts page.

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