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Registered users can monitor any number of HitHub accounts free. Every sensor and alarm is associated with an account. A user who creates an account, owns the account, and is responsible for the cost of the account - as shown in the Account Level section below.

Account Level

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  • Alarm checks

  • Configuration

  • Max Events Per Hour


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Alarm Checks

This is the maximum amount of times that we'll evaluate your sensor events to see if an alarm should be triggered. Per alarm.


How many sensors do you need? A sensor could be any device that reports activity via HTTP requests. How many active alarms do you need? A single alarm can be configured to observe any number of sensors for a given schedule.

Max Events Per Hour

This limits how many events can be created from all sensors on your account. If the threshold is reached, your account will be locked for an hour preventing any new events from saving.

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