App Status

HitHub is currently available at Alpha

Being in alpha means that changes, improvements, and general testing is still being done on the application and indicates that it isn't very stable. There is a good chance that the system may go down and be unavailable for some time. There is also a good chance that data loss could occur, or data structures be changed without any notice.

To simplify things and help keep the focus on development, while HitHub is at alpha, no paid plans will be available - only free plans. The paid plans are listed as an indication of what to expect in the future. Free plans will continue to be available in the future as well.

So if you are wondering why HitHub is publicly available before being complete and well tested, the answer is feedback. I would like to get other's input on how the application could benefit them. There could very easily be use cases for HitHub that I haven't thought about yet. With that in mind, feel free to use HitHub experimentally and please share any feedback you have via the contact form.

Thanks in advance!

Dev Team

Any known changes that resulted in data loss will be posted with the date below:

  • Dec 7, 2015: Moved to new a server

Future Features

  • Add the ability to create/update state variables.

    This would be used in situations where you want to maintain a constant knowledge of a state or value, without requiring the device poll Hithub constantly. A temperature sensor might be setup now to poll Hithub with the temperature every 20 minutes. With these state variables, you could also set a temperature sensor to ping Hithub only when the temperature changes. Or you could have a door sensor report OPEN and CLOSED states as they occur. These state variables could then also contribute to alarm triggers.

  • Possibly add the option for push notifications on mobile devices (using something like Pushover)

Looking for some other feature? Let me know...

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